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I. Services provided by the Multimedia Centre

1. The Services provided by this center are grouped as follows:

a) Requests Viewing: Request a Viewing videogram or part thereof, to be done in the Mediatheque

b) Support Services

c) Video or Audio Transcripts - transcripts between various video and audio formats, and analog and digital recording in your support request.

d) Internal Productions - Feature with or without subsequent post-production, under the form of "spots" of event production for DVD or other form of dissemination. Here are those stories of events within the space of FA-UTL

e) External Productions: Similar to the previous point, but for productions in spaces outside the FA-UTL.

f) Verification Projector - Projector with Verification anomaly, resulting in the replacement of its defective operation or declared with request to the Technical Office and Works of repair.

g) Other Requests

2. Those Support Services and Verification Projector have no costs. The Services may have other costs, which are listed and quantified in Table Service and Precarious in Annex.

3. The services budget with reference 11-20 listed in Table Service and Precarious attached to pay may be the target of a request for negotiation, and that budget and conditions of service to be approved by the President of the FA-UTL

4. Any service provided and will only be delivered when your product is no place for payment before enforcing proof of this with the Treasury FA-UTL, by order of the President of the exemption FA-UTL, or exemption inherent to these Regulations.

5. Any service provided by this center will always budgeted, knowing what the charge should be paid by the applicant, or supported by the FA, as appropriate. This budget should always go along with the Application for Exemption from Payment where one exists.

6. If there is no order of the President of the FA-UTL in another sense, in other reports or services abroad expenses of transportation costs of equipment and its installation, accommodation, meals and the news team are paid by and under the full responsibility of the applicant.

7. In reports or other service outside the FA-UTL all used abroad must be returned to the premises of the FA-UTL under the same operating conditions. The applicant for service will always have full responsibility of transporting the equipment involved, their security, their damage and possible theft.

8. The request for any service Media Centre should be done in your Portal, through a ticket (tab "Applications"). After confirming your payment, authorization or exemption of its inherent exemption to this regulation, the Media Center will respond to the requested service. The requester will be notified via email when the service request is prepared.

9. The service videograms viewing the estate of FA will be done in Mediatheque in TVs for the purpose, located in the Library, as the statutes provide for the FA-UTL

10. A listing of the estate of FA videograms is listed in the database accessible on the AF Portal Multimedia, with its quota, the same can be made any request for viewing. This service will be viewing the Mediatheque, located in the Library, as predict the statutes of the FA-UTL, before submitting the identification card of the library, student ID or Citizen Card. The identification document shall be issued to this applicant has ended after viewing and be returned to the equipment which have been delivered for this purpose.

11. The video recordings will be available by request within 15 days, and can only be screened by the petitioner and his companions, a maximum of 2 people in each viewing. For an application, limit the number of viewing sessions is 10.

II. Authorization Waiver Payment of a Service


1. By order of the President of the FA-UTL or their representative.

2. All services are provided free when the centers or offices directly under the President of the FA-UTL.

3. Has remitted a single copy for organizing a conference or event filmed and a copy to the Author of his intervention. However should be delivered two DVDs quality (DVD-R Sony or TDK or equivalent), one of them to the requester and the other for file recording in Estate of videographic FA-UTL.

4. When it comes to reporting services for Conferences, Seminars, Lectures, Exhibitions Catwalks or below within these services are free of charge:

a) Study of Cycles FA-UTL

b) Postgraduate Courses, Workshops Brief or authorized by the President of the FA-UTL

c) Upon request, promoted or sponsored by CIAUD

d) At the initiative or authorized by the President of the FA-UTL will be sent a copy of the documentation service reporting to the President of the FA-UTL prior to the service.

5. Where the service is treating the request for a report or post-production of the service the applicant must bring sufficient media (DVD-R Sony or TDK or equivalent) for a copy for yourself and a copy for the Media Center, except of reporting under paragraph II.2.

III. Authorization of Achievement and Service Requests Reports


1. The following services always require authorization of the President of the FA-UTL, even if they are not paid:

a) Reporting Services outside the FA-UTL

b) Services with reference 11 to 20, when rendered to persons or entities outside the FA-UTL

c) Copies of video recordings of the estate of FA-UTL, which also only be carried out under the responsibility of the applicant term of not duplicating whole or part, or the disclosure.

d) The Multimedia Centre always reserves the right to request clarification if the President a report or another service whether or not to make, and on what terms.

2. You must request through the ticket Multimedia Portal for performing a service for reporting and must be provided personal contact telephone and email. If there are specific conditions of entry will be by ticket request after a personal contact to detail what is required, up to 3 days prior to the Service.

3. The Center is not responsible for the response to any request made less than 5 working days before the desired date.

4. Notwithstanding point I.8, the Technical Office and Works and the Pedagogical Council must notify us by email is always made to reserve a space and know of this occurrence of an event that goes require intervention Multimedia Centre.

5. Just make up a story of an event without charge until the day before the case even if the declaration or order to receive exemption from payment referred to in section I.4

6. Any entry not necessarily paid reverts to the FA-UTL all copyright involved in this, unless there is order in the opposite direction by the President of the FA-UTL.

7. All reports can be paid by FA-UTL used for scientific, academic, academic or disclosure provisions within the institution.